All S90s come with Volvo’s Pilot Assist II, which can drive the car in certain circumstances with driver supervision. On a 150-mile drive, Pilot Assist handled the steering about 90 percent of the time and the speed 99 percent of the time.

At one point, however, it piloted the S90 onto the rumble strip as we went around a corner. After it messed up, it said that I was the one who seemed drowsy and should grab a coffee. The nerve.

Volvo says this is why Pilot Assist should only be used with driver supervision. It’s not designed to negotiate tight bends alone.

That technology, along with a full suite of collision avoidance tech, helps to ensure you won’t crash. If you do happen to catch the business end of a semitruck, there aren’t many cars you’d rather be in given Volvo’s obsessive approach to safety. Volvo is aiming for no deaths or major injuries in a Volvo by 2020.