Even before the Trump advisors outlined parts of the plan, many Democrats criticized it. Democrats argued that Trump’s campaign plan would help corporations and the wealthy more than middle-class Americans.

Most independent analyses of Trump’s campaign tax plan said it would balloon the budget deficit over time even after higher tax revenue from greater economic growth is factored in.

The White House appears not to support one possible revenue-raising tool, the controversial border adjustment provision included in the House tax plan.

“We don’t think it works in its current form, and we’re going to continue to have discussions with them about revisions,” Mnuchin said at an event hosted by The Hill on Wednesday morning.

He said earlier that the White House wants a “combined plan” with the House and Senate, which could potentially clash with the administration over some provisions.

It is not yet clear when Congress could introduce legislation on tax reform. Mnuchin said Wednesday that he wants to see it passed by the end of the year. He previously set an August goal for passing a tax-reform plan, but the White House has backed off that timeline recently.